My insurance

Plan the unexpected

There are many uncertainties in life. But one thing is certain: we all have to say goodbye one day. Most of us don’t know when or how, but we most likely will leave someone behind that cares about us. So why not take the time to plan out how you want your loved ones to experience this moment. The minimal sum that you can insure is 4.000 guilders, but with funeral expenses increasing over time, we advise you to insure a larger amount or raise it at a later stage.

Even though you won’t be able to experience your own funeral, it is your responsibility! Planning a funeral is very personal. The same as in life, people have different wishes and demands. That’s why we invite you to visit our office to receive a more detailed explanation of the insurance options, including the insured amount and premium.

ENK will draw up your insurance policy and you can start paying your monthly premium. To keep your monthly premium as low as possible, we advise to setup an automatic bank transfer via your bank or our office. It is also possible to give us authorization to charge your premium via SOAW. In addition, we offer an extra service where we make it possible for you to make your monthly payments from home. When you pass away, your family can come by the ENK office with your insurance policy and your death certificate. ENK will then give them a letter of guarantee for the sum of the insured amount. With the letter of guarantee your family members can then go to El Tributo, who will arrange a worthy funeral or cremation, according to your own wishes.