Funeral Insurance

Monthly Payments

The monthly payment is based on the age of the participant and the contract amount that is agreed upon at the start of the funeral savings insurance. Monthly payments need to be made until the contract amount has been deposited in full, or up to and including the month of death. If, for any reason, you stop making your monthly payments for three months or more, the contract will be terminated. You keep the right to the amounts that were already deposited. This way, your money is never lost. You do have the option to reinstate your policy (with or without payment of the arrears).

Contract Amount

The contract amount is agreed in advance and in case of death will become available in kind (funeral costs and services) at El Tributo, provided no arrears in the monthly payments exist. Should any arrears be present, then only the sum of the payments already deposited will be available in kind at El Tributo.


Participants up to the age of 61 can co-insure their childeren (max. 8). This co-insurance is terminated when the child turns 18. The bonus amount depends on your contract amount.